Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If I could, I would!!!!!

Hey Fabs, how was your weekend? I hope great. The weather certainly was. In last Tuesday's blog "shopping guide" I talked about shopping for replacements for our fav pieces. Well, today, I must confess that I have a pair of gold sandals that "if I could, I would wear them all year long". I am looking for a replacement however, until then, lets discuss how to wear them all the time.
For dinner with my family yesterday. I forgo the heels and went with my fav flats metallic gold sandals, metallic gold skirt, tank and fav chain. I was comfy and very chic!
Now there are days when these sandals are all my feet want, so I have to work an outfit around them. Let's be honest, when your husband or boyfriend  notices you are wearing the same sandals a lot, it is time to rest or hide them!

Here is a solution Fabs!!
Try wearing them under pants or maxi dresses, you get best of both worlds. Looking  good, while very comfy, plus the bonus is you get to hide them. How often do we get that ladies? Not very! If you are on the taller side try the palazzo pants look with a tank. Super cute!
FYI... If, your favs are rubber sandals, it will certainly not work!! You will not be able to look dressed up in rubber sandals, just does not WORK!!!!
Steals under $20

The top right gold chain and metallic bracelets are from forever21.com and  the two necklaces on the bottom are from aliexpress.com. I just had to share those great deals.  Have a great week Fabs, our next date is Thursday.

"Comfort is key"

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