Thursday, June 27, 2013

Putting my best first!!!

I'm putting my best first, so I'm starting with thanking my readers. Thank you for continuing to read and inspire me.

Let the body talk begin!
What's your best asset? 
If you love your cleavage then show them. However, do remember if you are more than a C cup you need to stay away from the low cut V neck shirts (less is best). 
Is it your tiny waist you love? You should wear belts and purchase dresses that tappers at the waist, this will accentuate your fab asset. On the flip side if you do not have a tiny waist belting your waist is the perfect way to give the illusion that you have a smaller waist.

You must try it, this effect works with every body size. You can also choose to use the belt as your statement piece of accessory for example the green belt over the blue dress, how fab is that?

I love my legs so every chance I get I show them. Skirts, shorts, dresses sign me up. You can also show your legs by wearing pants and jeans. If the fit is great, you will get the same effect.

Swim suit season!!

They say summer bodies are made in the winter. I get it, however most of us are too busy. So lets make our beach wear fun while accentuating our best assets. 
If you are not good at picking out swimwear please bring a friend. You know the friend, the one that tells you like it is.
Beach beauties lets go!
Stripes, polka dots, prints, neon's, lets try them all.
For smaller cup sizes 
Wear prints or stripes in your tops with matching bottoms or funk it up by adding a neon bottom or try mixing prints, tie it all together with a plain cover up. If you are short on cover ups grab a light weight button down in either your closet or husbands closet roll up the sleeves. Accessorizing with a fedora .

For larger cup sizes
I know you are over always wearing a one piece. You can definitely follow the same plan as the smaller cup size, if you are trying the stripe effect, buy tops with horizontal lines. It gives the illusion of a lift, drawing the eyes upward. Always make sure your top fits and you are not a sneeze away from a nip slip. 
Another great trick is to purchase a matching fitted sheer top and wear it over your bikini top. This will help with the over exposure. 
Have you tried a high waisted swim bottom? This look is very chic and sexy. Great for pool parties plus a high waisted bottom draws attention away from your belly and accentuates you waist.
Just please have fun with your swimwear and mixing and matching not only helps with increasing you options but it looks great and it is beach fashion NOW!

Beach tip!!!!
Try putting sunblock in your hair it helps with excessive lighten of your hair. Wear lip balm with SPF .

Next blog is Tuesday!!!
" Always be ready for that first glance"

Monday, June 24, 2013

Whites and Brights

So my favorite summer color is yellow, however, I have a really close runner up, white!!! More importantly,wearing white allows my creative juices to flow. It's my blank canvas...

So let the painting begin!!!
You should own at least two white tanks or t-shirts in the summer. Rack up on more than one, especially if they fit great and are inexpensive . This could be your "go to plan" when you need to put a look together quickly .

Going casual,  grab a white top and put it with a bottom of your choice and accessorize with a cool chain OR, try a scarf.  Quick and perfect!!!

Funky Look!!!
Try stacking chains together, try three different length gold or silver chains. This will put life into a simple t-shirt.

Now lets discuss color!!!!!

Lets start with Yellow!!
Try pairing a yellow skirt with a turquoise shirt or vice versa. Accessorizing with a nude sandal and simple gold chain and gold cuff or watch. Super chic! Try it! 
Remember if your outfit is screaming HOT tone down the accessories.  

Now Red...
In the spirit of 4th of July I'm releasing the color Red...
Try wearing a red summer dress with a pair of yellow sandals. Accessorize with gold jewelry.
Can you hear it???...Can you hear the word FASHIONISTA??!! I can!! Try the look and you will hear it too. 

Must have!!!
Try finding a summer clutch with great colors.

What I learned this weekend...Alot!!!
Woman are still buying clothing based on size instead of fit!!! Are you aware that sizes of clothing are different with each brand?  My lovely afternoon was ruined because, I saw someone wearing a shirt two sizes, too small!! The worst part is, I don't think she was aware...Ladies PLEASE check the mirror before you leave the house, and if you think it's too tight most likely it is. Just because it fit last summer, that does not mean it does this summer!!!  Ok, now that I got that out. Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Next blog is Thursday !!!

" Confidence is our best accessory "

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Solutions

One day it's summer the next day it's not! Enough already!!

Now that you have clean out your closets, please organize by color, this will ensure that you are aware of what you own in each color. 

Trend Alert!!
Black and whites were huge last fall, and it's staying for the summer.  I have chosen not to purchase much black and white this summer instead, I have taken my black and white stripes and polka dots and brought them into my summer looks. I have worn my black and white blouses over my colored jeans and shorts, just roll up the sleeves. Super chic!!!
Instant injection of color!!!
I'm in love with Ethnic Prints!!!
As much love as I have for this instant splash of color, I have chosen not to invest too much in this trend. I purchased a bag and I really fab chain...
The bag is an instant update to any look. I have worn the chain over my blue maxi from two years ago. Instant update to an old dress.

Invest in two pairs of sandals 1 flat and 1 heel (never compromise the quality of your shoes, wait for sales if funds are low).

DRAB to FAB!!!
There is hardly a day I'm not in the mood to get dress, however, it happens to the best of us, so reach for that dress or romper that works and add a splash of color on your feet!

My pregnant readers!!!
You can also, stay chic while pregnant!  Do buy maxi dresses in a size up, just belt your dress above your belly if the dress is a little big or too long (use a neon or metallic colored belt).  Go shopping in your husbands closet pairing his button downs with cutoff shorts. Yes you can wear cut off shorts!!!  But, buy inexpensive jeans and cut them. Sold in maternity stores, are elastic bands (Belly Belt) for extenting your pants closure, great buy!!!  You can also, pair your button down with a elastic waist neon or printed skirt.

Remember you do not have to buy a baby bag especially if you plan to breast feed (no need for the bottle compartment).  You can buy a great tote, it will do the same job!! 

What I learned this weekend!!
Woman are not wearing moistures with SPF for the daylight!!! Are you kidding me!!! Please wear moistures with SPF of 25 or better. We need to save our skin. It is our best accessory!!!

I'm obsessed with accessories, my best pieces are from sample sales and street vendors...See you there!!!

"Always make time to shine"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shining Through The Rain


The weather forecast calls for rain, however your fashion forecast dose not have to call for dull. Lets put some looks together that will have you looking fresh and fab on these rainy days

Daytime Look

Boyfriend Jeans
Floral Jeans or Pants
Wooden wedges

Lets pair your ripped boyfriend jeans (cuff the bottom) with a white t-shirt or tank.  Finishing the look with a colored pair of wooden wedges.

Accessories the look with a great clutch and bracelets .

You can dress down this look by switching your wedges for converse!!

Floral Jeans (Trend Alert!!!)
Choose the print you like, there is a large variety, so look around. If your shade has blues, grab a light blue button down shirt from your boyfriend or husband's closet, leaving two button from the top undone. You can choose to keep this look loose or you can tie it up for a fitted look. You can also pair your jeans with your chambray denim shirt. Either way, super cute!!!

Night Affair!!!

Blues and Greens

Lets choose navy shorts and pair them with a lighter shade of blue shirt or blouse. If the shorts calls for belt use a totally different shade of blue or silver belt. Accessorize with chunky silver chain if you choose blue belt, if you choose silver belt, no chain please. Pull the look together with nude sandals for the blue belt choice. Silver belt use silver sandals.

Lets Go Green!!!
Lets pair green shorts with a printed green shirt (looks great but expected)
Try pairing your green shorts with yellow or orange shirt. Accessorize with a printed green multi colored clutch.
Adding Gold sandals or wedges with gold earrings to finish the look.

*** try using the same technique to update your work wear look***

Are you still holding on to a t-shirt  that dose not fit, but you just cant give it up? Is it the logo, the graphic or the picture that keeps you putting it  back in the drawer?

LETS REMIX IT!!! ( no sewing necessary)
Grab a pair of scissors
2 boxes of safety pins
New t-shirt

Cut out the graphic, pic or logo from the old shirt and place it on the new shirt securing it with the safety pins. The more pins, the better, and please make sure they are uniformed. (tops and bottoms in the same direction) You can add even more of a splash to this look if, you spray paint the pins first in a cool color. Try it!!!!!

Don't forget that a mani/pedi in a fresh summer color is an instant update to any summer look.

Great color!!!

What I learned this weekend !!!!

For a quick mani makeover, try press on nails!! You heard me right !! They are better than ever!! You can find them in your local drug stores and in great colors, too.

If you need any info on where the find the pieces I posted or how to put a look together, please send me an email at

Have a great week
"A smile is the best accessory "

Tuesday, June 4, 2013



If you were out and about this weekend, great! If not, I hope you spent some time cleaning out your closet, taking out the OLD to welcome the NEW.  If you have not worn an item in three years it is time to let it go!
But, there are exceptions to every rule NEVER GET RID OF ACCESSORIES!!!Bags gain character as they age, if it's a top brand it gains value.  And, jewelry never gets old and a little tarnished can give character.


The backup plan is having an outfit ready at all times just in case something great pops up! Like a girls night or a date night.  This will keep you from saying those awful words "I have nothing to wear" so in your down time work on your BACKUP PLAN!!

After work Thursday is only a day way so lets MIX-IT-UP!!!


Navy suit lets make TWO outfits!

Pair your navy jacket over a printed dress OR pair it with a white knee length pencil skirt and, with one of the must have hues yellow, blue or green tank or blouse.

Accessorise with chunky gold chain or layer two chains and bring a clutch for your after work affair.

How great is a navy skirt with a yellow blouse or tank?

Choosing a yellow or blue tank pair it with your navy skirt now turn it up by adding a white cardigan and belt it with a gold belt. CHIC!! accessories with gold earrings and a gold cuff.  You can also, use three gold bangles.
If you do not have a white cardigan contact me.

Women are still going to bed in make up!!
Please wash and cleanse your face before bed and yes you have to moisturize.  It takes two minutes, plus what's better than beautiful clear skin in the summer?

If you have to choose between nails and hair this week choose nails. 
DIY...Ponytails and side braids are always great with this humidity.

"YOU are as fabulous as YOU feel, so feel FAB or hide a bad feeling under great shades!!!"