Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crazy sales!!!

The Summer is ending, and the crazy sales are beginning!!! I had a reallly fab weekend with family and friends. I did a lot of crazy sale shopping also. I purchased three fab dresses at bloomingdales for under $200. Go me!!! How was your weekend? I have great finds to share, all at crazy prices.

Casual outfit under $50

Yes, more white. Wear them now because time is limited. Tick tick tick!!! You can make your look pop with bright color sandals or bag. The white top featured would also be great as a fill in piece, worn with a skirt or pants of your choice. Great with a long chain also. It is just a great buy.
Go super comfy by trying this look.
This complete look is under $70. Like the outfit in the under $50 look, this look is from zara.com and the bracelets are from wetseal.com  

Fabs did you go metallic this past weekend? I did! Here is my look.

Fabs, I will be taking the rest of the summer off from blogging new material. I will return on Tuesday September 10th with My Huge Fall edition... Please continue to check the blog. I will be reporting fashion finds or emergencies. Have a fab rest of summer. See you all in the Fall. We will all be falling for Fall Fashion.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

No Blues Here!!

Hey Fabs, how was your week? I hope good. On Tuesday I enjoyed some pool time with friends and yesterday I was on the move to find some new looks, plus I really needed to pull some pieces for a new client. Omg! The Summer sales are off the charts!!!! If you are over Summer shopping just take a hundred bucks and buy some fill-ins. You will thank me later!
First, I want to share with you this natural face scrub and mask. I tired it and I loved it. 
All natural 

After work affair!!
My single Fabs, you never get an off day to find love. Remember, Summer is the time to find some one to hibernate with in the Winter. So,no sitting around this Friday night.  Here is a look that will take you from work to play.
FYI: This is not the blues look.

For work, pair blue pencil skirt with blue shirt finishing with blue print shoes. Your black everyday work bag will work with this look. This is colorful and chic! Perfect for work and a nice dinner date after work. Now if, after work calls for drinks with the girls, transition your work wear into this fab number. Just by changing your shirt and bag.
Simple yet, super fun and most importantly it does not look like you got dress at work. Pop on your pink lip gloss and you are ready to go.

Weekend ready!
The weekend weather looks perfect, are your outfits ready? I was thinking metallics. Try wearing your metallics this weekend. You can pair them with whites or you can pair them with brights.

Send me pics of your metallic looks.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thinking On My Feet Tuesday!

Hey Fabs, I was so stumped on what to talk about today! I have been so focused on my Fall wardrobe. Can not wait to launch the new Fall looks for you to try. It may seem early, however, you too need to start planning for the cooler days ahead. If you live in a warmer climate, keep in mind that you can transition your look for Fall by changing your colors. Just opt for darker colors. Stay tuned for ideas in the Fall blogs.

Summer in the Fall
Fabs, try wearing your button down denim shirt with denim cut offs. Make it pop with wedges or a cool clutch. This look is super cool without looking over done. Plus it allows you to look like Summer and warm enough for the cooler evenings.

Thinking On My Feet
On Friday night I went to grab pizza and ice cream with my family. Can you say fat Friday?! Anyway, I pulled out a dress I haven't worn in a year nearly to realize that it was a little too short for my family night out, so do I put something else on? NOT! Instead I paired it with my faded short shorts and coral wedges.
It was the perfect look!

Check out theses great transition wedges I just found. They would look great with ripped jeans rolled up or wear them with a long flowy skirt.
Did I mention that they are super comfy and one is a hundred dollars more than the other (email me and I will tell you where to find them).
Also, I am planning on launching a monthly plus size blog. It will be in addition to my current twice weekly blog. I'm doing my research so I hope you like it. 

Our next date is Thursday

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calling All Fabs!!!!!

Summer prints, brights and whites, Oh My!! Last call on shopping for your Summer wardrobe. August is here, now we have to start thinking of the Fall wardrobe. Oh My!!

Wear your prints and have fun with it. Instead of matching a print shirt with matching bottom. Why not try a totally different bright color bottom? Finishing the look with nude sandals. Sounds fab, Oh My!!!!
Last call on Summer brights!
If you were afraid before, the Summer is ending, buy a top in a color you would never try (make sure it compliments your skin tone) and, pair it with a white bottom or color block. Finishing the look with metallic sandals!! Why not? The Summer is almost gone. Oh my!

I need more time with my whites, Oh My! So I must wear them with all my prints and brights. There is no wrong way to wear your whites, as long as it is in your size!!! 
Shopping advice!!.
Fabs, the Fall is closing in, start thinking and looking for what you need to be ready for the....dare I say it? Oh My!!! No!!!  Now, if you live in warm weather all year, please take advantage of all the Summer sales. If you are short on time, order on line.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If I could, I would!!!!!

Hey Fabs, how was your weekend? I hope great. The weather certainly was. In last Tuesday's blog "shopping guide" I talked about shopping for replacements for our fav pieces. Well, today, I must confess that I have a pair of gold sandals that "if I could, I would wear them all year long". I am looking for a replacement however, until then, lets discuss how to wear them all the time.
For dinner with my family yesterday. I forgo the heels and went with my fav flats metallic gold sandals, metallic gold skirt, tank and fav chain. I was comfy and very chic!
Now there are days when these sandals are all my feet want, so I have to work an outfit around them. Let's be honest, when your husband or boyfriend  notices you are wearing the same sandals a lot, it is time to rest or hide them!

Here is a solution Fabs!!
Try wearing them under pants or maxi dresses, you get best of both worlds. Looking  good, while very comfy, plus the bonus is you get to hide them. How often do we get that ladies? Not very! If you are on the taller side try the palazzo pants look with a tank. Super cute!
FYI... If, your favs are rubber sandals, it will certainly not work!! You will not be able to look dressed up in rubber sandals, just does not WORK!!!!
Steals under $20

The top right gold chain and metallic bracelets are from forever21.com and  the two necklaces on the bottom are from aliexpress.com. I just had to share those great deals.  Have a great week Fabs, our next date is Thursday.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Up! Up! & Away!!!!

So I'm headed away for a three night get away and I'm only allowed to bring a carry on! That's going to be hard. So lets discuss what I will packing.

All I need is three to four cute swim wears and cover ups. 

My cover ups I'm packing I plan to double as day dresses. Yup I'm going for the glamour day look.
Plus I'm packing my fab hat. It  doubles as extra protection form the sun. Unfortunately I am only able to bring one hat so, (lack of space) lets improvise. I will take my fab head scarves. They will double as extra protection for my hair. 
Now that the day is done. Lets discuss 
My plan is to wear white two out of the three nights. Exciting!!! I'm always excited to wear white, so much I can do with all white. The other night I will wear my short suit, from reading reviews about this one restaurant on the water, everyone recommends a sweater.  This look will be perfect and chic!
My Fabs, always remember to dress for the occasion. If in doubt, do some research, it is always great to be prepared. 
There is no better time to try a new look than on vacation. Or, even a new way of doing your hair. It's vacation, why not? 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sale guide!!!

So there are sales everywhere, this is the best time to find great pieces at affordable prices. My Fabs we are all guilty of buying because the item is on sale, however, I have the perfect plan to help you with a very common problem.
5 basic rules!!!
1. Go into your closet (actually go, don't think, go in) and see what you need.
2. Pull out all the pieces that needs something else in order for you to wear it, and take a pic you will need this while you shop.
3.Check out all your sandals, the ones you wear a lot, lets find something similar. The ones you hardly wear lets make a note why.
4. Find that item you wear a lot, put it in the back of the closet and lets find a temporary replacement (at least for the rest of this summer) 
5. Now make a wish list.

Rack up on tanks, white and blacks are great transition pieces they can take you into the fall. You can wear them under jackets, sweaters or cardigans. Plus if you are a jet setter to warmer climates in the winter, what's better than a new tank or two that you brought at the end of the summer? (the stores will only be stacked with sweaters) If you are a jeans and t-shirt girl, do not change,embrace it.
Have you tried rolling up your jeans? My Fabs, wearing a pop color belt can give an old jeans new life.  Just try doing something new, with the same old pieces. As long as you stay true to yourself, you will feel like your most fashionable self. Whats better than that?
Metallic and color flats are always in style!  
So if you see them, buy them! White tends to stain or even lose it's brightness, so keep and eye out for replacements. Follow my guide and you will fill your closet not just with new pieces but pieces that you will actually wear. Remember you do not have to buy everything this week there is always next week. I want to thank you all for continuing to read, I will be in Soho this week. See you there!

Next blog is Thursday 

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