Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blast from the past!!!!

How was your 4th? I hope it was as fab and relaxing as mine. The past weekend's heat was almost too much to bear, however, I had to stay on the move and venture out. I did some shopping and some remixing in my closet. Unlike my two year old muse, I do not get a new summer wardrobe.
My look for the past couple of days has been cool and comfy. Nothing like a chic easy look on a hot summer day.
Let the fun begin
Go grab an old dress, or knee length denim skirt and lets make it 2013 fab!
The key way to pull something from the past to current is add a splash. Can you say accessories!!! 
 Lets try putting a splash on your oldie and turn it into this summers goodies.

Simple old dress, now lets showcase your beautiful accessories.
Yellow dress 
You can  choose to go for color with the multi color chain. ( the multi color chain dose not have to match your dress) With this many colors  pair the look with neutral flat sandals.  
If you choose the earrings, that is all you will need. Pull your hair back, very little makeup, coral lip color and bronzer for that sun kissed look. Metallic gold clutch and sandals to finish the look. This look can take you into an early dinner date. 

Knee length denim skirts!
They are back! Did you save yours? I did!!!!
OK, so my skirt looks more like the one on the left. It was a little boring for me, so I gave it the cut & bleach effect
Cut & bleach effect 
Put your skirt on and decide where you want to make each cut. Cut one area at a time and try  it on before the next cut. Once the cuts are done, brush on bleach in the areas you made the cuts. Quick wash and dry. Tada!!! 

Now that your skirt is ready pair it with a white tank, "show stopper necklace" and flat gold sandals.Super cute look! 
Like I mentioned earlier, most of us do not get a new summer wardrobe every year. So lets make the best of what we already own. Accessories are essential in updating any look. Always keep and eye out for the next great piece. This will enable  you to turn the past into your current blast!!! 

What I learned this weekend!!!!
A lot!
First  " you do not need to take off all your clothes to keep cool in the heat" 
If you are over 25yrs , do not wear a short skirt or shorts with  a crop top. If you are showing your bottom half off  be mindful of how much you show on top. It's just distracting!!! It leaves the eye confused!!!! Choose your target area and make that pop!

Remember to choose sheer waterproof makeup with SPF for the summer.
Sorry for not posting yesterday, for this week only I will post Wednesday and Friday.
As always thank you for reading.

Next blog is Friday

"A smile, that is all it takes"

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