Thursday, July 25, 2013

Up! Up! & Away!!!!

So I'm headed away for a three night get away and I'm only allowed to bring a carry on! That's going to be hard. So lets discuss what I will packing.

All I need is three to four cute swim wears and cover ups. 

My cover ups I'm packing I plan to double as day dresses. Yup I'm going for the glamour day look.
Plus I'm packing my fab hat. It  doubles as extra protection form the sun. Unfortunately I am only able to bring one hat so, (lack of space) lets improvise. I will take my fab head scarves. They will double as extra protection for my hair. 
Now that the day is done. Lets discuss 
My plan is to wear white two out of the three nights. Exciting!!! I'm always excited to wear white, so much I can do with all white. The other night I will wear my short suit, from reading reviews about this one restaurant on the water, everyone recommends a sweater.  This look will be perfect and chic!
My Fabs, always remember to dress for the occasion. If in doubt, do some research, it is always great to be prepared. 
There is no better time to try a new look than on vacation. Or, even a new way of doing your hair. It's vacation, why not? 

Next blog is Tuesday 

"My smile is a little brighter when I'm kissed by the sun"

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