Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If I could, I would!!!!!

Hey Fabs, how was your weekend? I hope great. The weather certainly was. In last Tuesday's blog "shopping guide" I talked about shopping for replacements for our fav pieces. Well, today, I must confess that I have a pair of gold sandals that "if I could, I would wear them all year long". I am looking for a replacement however, until then, lets discuss how to wear them all the time.
For dinner with my family yesterday. I forgo the heels and went with my fav flats metallic gold sandals, metallic gold skirt, tank and fav chain. I was comfy and very chic!
Now there are days when these sandals are all my feet want, so I have to work an outfit around them. Let's be honest, when your husband or boyfriend  notices you are wearing the same sandals a lot, it is time to rest or hide them!

Here is a solution Fabs!!
Try wearing them under pants or maxi dresses, you get best of both worlds. Looking  good, while very comfy, plus the bonus is you get to hide them. How often do we get that ladies? Not very! If you are on the taller side try the palazzo pants look with a tank. Super cute!
FYI... If, your favs are rubber sandals, it will certainly not work!! You will not be able to look dressed up in rubber sandals, just does not WORK!!!!
Steals under $20

The top right gold chain and metallic bracelets are from forever21.com and  the two necklaces on the bottom are from aliexpress.com. I just had to share those great deals.  Have a great week Fabs, our next date is Thursday.

"Comfort is key"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Up! Up! & Away!!!!

So I'm headed away for a three night get away and I'm only allowed to bring a carry on! That's going to be hard. So lets discuss what I will packing.

All I need is three to four cute swim wears and cover ups. 

My cover ups I'm packing I plan to double as day dresses. Yup I'm going for the glamour day look.
Plus I'm packing my fab hat. It  doubles as extra protection form the sun. Unfortunately I am only able to bring one hat so, (lack of space) lets improvise. I will take my fab head scarves. They will double as extra protection for my hair. 
Now that the day is done. Lets discuss 
My plan is to wear white two out of the three nights. Exciting!!! I'm always excited to wear white, so much I can do with all white. The other night I will wear my short suit, from reading reviews about this one restaurant on the water, everyone recommends a sweater.  This look will be perfect and chic!
My Fabs, always remember to dress for the occasion. If in doubt, do some research, it is always great to be prepared. 
There is no better time to try a new look than on vacation. Or, even a new way of doing your hair. It's vacation, why not? 

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"My smile is a little brighter when I'm kissed by the sun"

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sale guide!!!

So there are sales everywhere, this is the best time to find great pieces at affordable prices. My Fabs we are all guilty of buying because the item is on sale, however, I have the perfect plan to help you with a very common problem.
5 basic rules!!!
1. Go into your closet (actually go, don't think, go in) and see what you need.
2. Pull out all the pieces that needs something else in order for you to wear it, and take a pic you will need this while you shop.
3.Check out all your sandals, the ones you wear a lot, lets find something similar. The ones you hardly wear lets make a note why.
4. Find that item you wear a lot, put it in the back of the closet and lets find a temporary replacement (at least for the rest of this summer) 
5. Now make a wish list.

Rack up on tanks, white and blacks are great transition pieces they can take you into the fall. You can wear them under jackets, sweaters or cardigans. Plus if you are a jet setter to warmer climates in the winter, what's better than a new tank or two that you brought at the end of the summer? (the stores will only be stacked with sweaters) If you are a jeans and t-shirt girl, do not change,embrace it.
Have you tried rolling up your jeans? My Fabs, wearing a pop color belt can give an old jeans new life.  Just try doing something new, with the same old pieces. As long as you stay true to yourself, you will feel like your most fashionable self. Whats better than that?
Metallic and color flats are always in style!  
So if you see them, buy them! White tends to stain or even lose it's brightness, so keep and eye out for replacements. Follow my guide and you will fill your closet not just with new pieces but pieces that you will actually wear. Remember you do not have to buy everything this week there is always next week. I want to thank you all for continuing to read, I will be in Soho this week. See you there!

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"Your time to shine is now"

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Are you prepared?

Have you ever ran out your house looking a "hot mess" and bumped into someone you haven't seen in years or bumped into someone you may be interested in? We all have!!!! Now lets fix that! Are you ready? Well you should at least be ready for an unplanned night out. Why? because you have the " back up plan" ready and waiting for that call. The question is, are you prepared during the daytime? Let's talk Fabs! You should always 
have a dress or romper on hand, it is quick and easy.
Plus it is a full outfit without worries of coordinating. A romper or maxi is the answer for moms on the go. Please check out my  "my blast from the past blog" for ideas on how to update an old maxi.
It is so easy to get caught off guard Fabs, however, being prepared by having an organized closet makes a difference.
In a rush remember a pony tail goes a long way especially with a pop of color on your lips. For those long nights Preparation H, reduces unwanted bags (Just dab some under eyes). Or, pop on your splurge sunglasses. Perfect!!
For weekend parties try white on white with a pop of color. It has been super hot so you may want to scale back on the accessories. Try the pop of color on your feet. Our days of wearing white are numbered, so pull them out and enjoy them. 
My dating Fabs, keep an overnight bag in your car, because who wants to look like last night, at 12 noon the next day? Not you!! 

Weekend challenge
Challenge for the weekend is plan your outfits for Monday to Wednesday, and try them on! Have you ever came up with a look in your head and when you put the look on, it is a total disaster? This only seem to happen when you have little time.  So just try it on, you will  thank me for all the time you saved.

Great Accessory finds under $20
Send me an email and I will tell you were to find them!!! Have a Great weekend.

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"All my angels are great, take my pic"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My fashion love letter

Hi Fabs!
     Can you believe we are half way into the summer? Sad to say but, we are. My weekend was filled with family, errands  and shopping. Yes, more shopping! I found great tanks for unbelievable prices. I am trying to take advantage of all the fab sales. Oh, I also did a Zumba dance party for 4 hrs, it was amazing.
     I am all about trying on my clothes before I buy them, but I must confess, that was before I gave birth to my best accessory ever, my daughter. Now I am enjoying online shopping. It is so necessary and, when in doubt I buy two (Please check the company's return policy). It is nice trying on clothes in my own closet.
Must have looks
 Mix prints 
 Mixing bright colors
 Tribal prints
     I brought two amazing print skirts this past week. One by Peter Pilotto that I plan to pair with my white v-neck tank body suit and black sandals.
     I plan to wear this look to an upcoming  fall preview show I was just invited to. Why this look, because it is bright enough for the summer but, the print color is still perfect for fall.  I plan to put a lot of mileage on the body suit. I can  pair it with a blazer or cardigan. I really enjoy bringing my summer pieces into the fall. Frankly, it helps to fill in before cold weather wear comes into play.
     Mixing colors is fun! This look is great for girls nights out, a concert, or lounge look. It is fun and fresh.
Let me explain. Better yet, take a look! 

Super fun for concerts and perfect eye catcher for drinks with the girls. 
     My Fabs you have to take a fashion chance once in a while and have no fear this will definitely be a hit!  If you are afraid just start small. My goal is to inspire you to try new looks so you can continue looking like the very best you!!! 

                               Best regards                                                                                    
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"It is never too late to start fresh"

Friday, July 12, 2013

Beauty secrets

What's your beauty secret? Really,what is it? My mom once told me that aging is the worst disease, so like many, I am doing all I can to slow it down.

Lets share some beauty secrets !!

Amanda's secret for maintaining beautiful skin is to always use moisturizer with retinal, expecially if you are over 30.(retinal helps to prevent wrinkles).
Jorja and Melissa's secrets for always looking sunkissed is wearing bronzer. Melissa also enjoys wearing Jergens body glow for all over sunkissed look.
My secret for maintaining clear skin is my bi-weekly mask treatment by proactive.

Lets get weekend ready!!!
Now that we are sharing lets discuss under garments!!
In order for any outfit to look great it starts with your undergarments, please get fitted this weekend. A t-shirt does not look good if your boobies are sagging, your strap is showing or worst of all, your bra is just too SMALL!!! Your underwear should always remain under! If you are wearing something fitted, please wear seamless panties.

And, by popular demand!!!

The Little Black Dress, lets make it cool and fresh for the summer!!! Starting from the top, wear minimal makeup and put a pop of color on your lips. Great summer lip colors are pinks and corals. As for hair, opt for a high ponytail it is chic and cool. You can also try loose long curls. Put on that LBD pairing it with nude sandals and this look screams summer!!!

Now Lets Shop!!!
Try wearing high waisted stripe shorts, pairing it with a coral shirt and accessorizing with turquoise jewelry and black sandals. Summer fun !!!

Readers always remember that you can wear one item as many times as you like, just make it  look different each time. Check out the strip shorts looking totally different but still very fun.

As always, if you have down time this weekend please play dress up. Or, try any of the DIY projects. Thank you all for continuing to read. Have a fabulous weekend.

Next blog is Tuesday 

" always be prepared for tomorrow "

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blast from the past!!!!

How was your 4th? I hope it was as fab and relaxing as mine. The past weekend's heat was almost too much to bear, however, I had to stay on the move and venture out. I did some shopping and some remixing in my closet. Unlike my two year old muse, I do not get a new summer wardrobe.
My look for the past couple of days has been cool and comfy. Nothing like a chic easy look on a hot summer day.
Let the fun begin
Go grab an old dress, or knee length denim skirt and lets make it 2013 fab!
The key way to pull something from the past to current is add a splash. Can you say accessories!!! 
 Lets try putting a splash on your oldie and turn it into this summers goodies.

Simple old dress, now lets showcase your beautiful accessories.
Yellow dress 
You can  choose to go for color with the multi color chain. ( the multi color chain dose not have to match your dress) With this many colors  pair the look with neutral flat sandals.  
If you choose the earrings, that is all you will need. Pull your hair back, very little makeup, coral lip color and bronzer for that sun kissed look. Metallic gold clutch and sandals to finish the look. This look can take you into an early dinner date. 

Knee length denim skirts!
They are back! Did you save yours? I did!!!!
OK, so my skirt looks more like the one on the left. It was a little boring for me, so I gave it the cut & bleach effect
Cut & bleach effect 
Put your skirt on and decide where you want to make each cut. Cut one area at a time and try  it on before the next cut. Once the cuts are done, brush on bleach in the areas you made the cuts. Quick wash and dry. Tada!!! 

Now that your skirt is ready pair it with a white tank, "show stopper necklace" and flat gold sandals.Super cute look! 
Like I mentioned earlier, most of us do not get a new summer wardrobe every year. So lets make the best of what we already own. Accessories are essential in updating any look. Always keep and eye out for the next great piece. This will enable  you to turn the past into your current blast!!! 

What I learned this weekend!!!!
A lot!
First  " you do not need to take off all your clothes to keep cool in the heat" 
If you are over 25yrs , do not wear a short skirt or shorts with  a crop top. If you are showing your bottom half off  be mindful of how much you show on top. It's just distracting!!! It leaves the eye confused!!!! Choose your target area and make that pop!

Remember to choose sheer waterproof makeup with SPF for the summer.
Sorry for not posting yesterday, for this week only I will post Wednesday and Friday.
As always thank you for reading.

Next blog is Friday

"A smile, that is all it takes"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red! White! & Blue!

Hey fab readers. I have been out on the hunt for great looks for your holiday weekend. If you are not at a holiday get together please go check out all the great sales!!!
Let's put some chill, yet chic looks together!

Try pairing a red flowy skirt with a sleeveless denim shirt. Tie up the front of the shirt and accessorize with brown flat sandals, brown messenger bag and gold hoops.

Let's do white, on faded denim shorts. Pair shorts with a white tank and accessorize with a cool chain that has red in it, gold wedges and gold hoop earrings and a blue clutch. Simple yet it works without the over kill of here is "miss independence" Add a blazer for night time look.

If you can not  find a fun chain either layer single red pearls at least three, Or put color on your feet. Try a printed sandal accessorizing with a gold chain...Can you say options?!

Pair high wasted blue shorts with a polka dot blouse (you can tie up the blouse or tuck it in) accessorize with fab red high heels, pony tail and red lips. Do not forget your gold clutch. No blues here!! Enjoy!!!

These are all simple but chic looks most of the items are right in your closet. I hope putting these looks together inspires you to try to make something fab from your own closet. Feel free to subsitute if you need to. Always rememeber to have fun with your looks while staying true to your own style.
Stay cool!!!

 Happy 4th!!!

"Strike a pose, beautiful from all angles"

Monday, July 1, 2013

Remix Tuesday !!!

Hey friends, how was your weekend? Did you pick up anything new? Or, did you play dress up? Either way I hope you had a fab weekend!
I'm listening to all your request so here we go.
By Popular demand!!!
Let's discuss how to make three trendy outfits, from one item in your closet.
One black skirt, three outfits lets GO!!

Day look
Match a black skirt with casual long white graphic tank top, wearing the tank loosely over your skirt. Furnishing the look with neon flats, messenger bag and hoop earrings...Super cool day look.
If you do not have fun neon flats lets make a cool neon tank so you can wear those black flats in your closet. Are you ready? No worries you will not need a needle.
White long tank
Neon fabric paint (three different colors)
Three different size round containers
Foil paper 
A dark color towel 
Now lets have fun, start with prepping. First pour the colors on your foil paper so that you can easily dip each containers. Place the towel inside the shirt so that your paint does not leak to the backside of your tank. Choosing your first color, dip the rim of your largest container in the paint and place on the center of your shirt. Follow with a different color paint and the next size container, place it inside the center of your first circle. Then the last circle. Hang the shirt up immediately after the last circle,we want the dripping effect. We are not looking for perfect circles we are looking for cool and edgy. 
Now that you have created your own edgy tank you can now pair it with your black skirt and black sandals. Follow with the above accessories. 

Evening look
Lets pair our black skirt with a white button down sleeveless shirt. Button your shirt all the way to the top and tuck it in the waist of the skirt. Accessorizing with a collar chain, black and white sandals and throw a fun color summer sweater over your button down. (Yes summer sweater, super light weight and fun) Enjoy the look. 

Night look
Now lets pair you black skirt with either a black and white tube OR a plain black tube belting with a cool vintage black belt fun sexy black strappy sandals and fun clutch. Put a pop of pink or coral on your lips and you are ready for a night out on the town. Smoking!!!!!
It is all about been able try something new with an old item. The best feeling is when someone compliments you on something old that you have brighten up to look shinny and new. Enjoy trying to get that spark back.  As always thank you for reading.

Next blog is Thursday 

" sparkle like the star you are"