Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Fashion

My goal is to keep you looking and feeling great at affordable prices!


Before you use up all your summer funds please go in your closet and play dress up!
In order to purchase a lot of what you NEED and some of what you WANT you must know what you already own. So let the fashion show begin!!!

Neon is a must this summer!! If you are afraid, start small, get a mani/pedi. Essie has a great neon line.
When it comes to trendy, do not invest too much cash, look for steals, try Forever 21. Not because you are buying affordable, please remember QUALITY is never to be compromised!! Department stores are having great sales and is a great online shopping site. Check it out!

Great Shades

$20 MAKE OVER!!!


Buy a new white t-shirt or tank
Find your fav pair of jeans and cuff them, OR, make a cool pair of cut off shorts out of a pair of your old jeans.  (appropriate length please)
Go to your local drug store and find a cool neon polish...give your own mani/pedi
Find a statement piece of accessory (bracelets, earrings, or fun necklaces) and put in on!!!
NO RED this season please!! Stay cool and fresh!

Now you are summer ready for under $20 bucks!

GO YOU!!!!

"Great Style is Personal Style."