Friday, July 12, 2013

Beauty secrets

What's your beauty secret? Really,what is it? My mom once told me that aging is the worst disease, so like many, I am doing all I can to slow it down.

Lets share some beauty secrets !!

Amanda's secret for maintaining beautiful skin is to always use moisturizer with retinal, expecially if you are over 30.(retinal helps to prevent wrinkles).
Jorja and Melissa's secrets for always looking sunkissed is wearing bronzer. Melissa also enjoys wearing Jergens body glow for all over sunkissed look.
My secret for maintaining clear skin is my bi-weekly mask treatment by proactive.

Lets get weekend ready!!!
Now that we are sharing lets discuss under garments!!
In order for any outfit to look great it starts with your undergarments, please get fitted this weekend. A t-shirt does not look good if your boobies are sagging, your strap is showing or worst of all, your bra is just too SMALL!!! Your underwear should always remain under! If you are wearing something fitted, please wear seamless panties.

And, by popular demand!!!

The Little Black Dress, lets make it cool and fresh for the summer!!! Starting from the top, wear minimal makeup and put a pop of color on your lips. Great summer lip colors are pinks and corals. As for hair, opt for a high ponytail it is chic and cool. You can also try loose long curls. Put on that LBD pairing it with nude sandals and this look screams summer!!!

Now Lets Shop!!!
Try wearing high waisted stripe shorts, pairing it with a coral shirt and accessorizing with turquoise jewelry and black sandals. Summer fun !!!

Readers always remember that you can wear one item as many times as you like, just make it  look different each time. Check out the strip shorts looking totally different but still very fun.

As always, if you have down time this weekend please play dress up. Or, try any of the DIY projects. Thank you all for continuing to read. Have a fabulous weekend.

Next blog is Tuesday 

" always be prepared for tomorrow "

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  1. Most important skin secret is water, water, water! Love that outfit with the striped shirts. I'm gonna try to recreate :)