Monday, July 1, 2013

Remix Tuesday !!!

Hey friends, how was your weekend? Did you pick up anything new? Or, did you play dress up? Either way I hope you had a fab weekend!
I'm listening to all your request so here we go.
By Popular demand!!!
Let's discuss how to make three trendy outfits, from one item in your closet.
One black skirt, three outfits lets GO!!

Day look
Match a black skirt with casual long white graphic tank top, wearing the tank loosely over your skirt. Furnishing the look with neon flats, messenger bag and hoop earrings...Super cool day look.
If you do not have fun neon flats lets make a cool neon tank so you can wear those black flats in your closet. Are you ready? No worries you will not need a needle.
White long tank
Neon fabric paint (three different colors)
Three different size round containers
Foil paper 
A dark color towel 
Now lets have fun, start with prepping. First pour the colors on your foil paper so that you can easily dip each containers. Place the towel inside the shirt so that your paint does not leak to the backside of your tank. Choosing your first color, dip the rim of your largest container in the paint and place on the center of your shirt. Follow with a different color paint and the next size container, place it inside the center of your first circle. Then the last circle. Hang the shirt up immediately after the last circle,we want the dripping effect. We are not looking for perfect circles we are looking for cool and edgy. 
Now that you have created your own edgy tank you can now pair it with your black skirt and black sandals. Follow with the above accessories. 

Evening look
Lets pair our black skirt with a white button down sleeveless shirt. Button your shirt all the way to the top and tuck it in the waist of the skirt. Accessorizing with a collar chain, black and white sandals and throw a fun color summer sweater over your button down. (Yes summer sweater, super light weight and fun) Enjoy the look. 

Night look
Now lets pair you black skirt with either a black and white tube OR a plain black tube belting with a cool vintage black belt fun sexy black strappy sandals and fun clutch. Put a pop of pink or coral on your lips and you are ready for a night out on the town. Smoking!!!!!
It is all about been able try something new with an old item. The best feeling is when someone compliments you on something old that you have brighten up to look shinny and new. Enjoy trying to get that spark back.  As always thank you for reading.

Next blog is Thursday 

" sparkle like the star you are"


  1. I played dressup and discovered so much in my closet..I cut off my jean like u suggested and it worked prefect

    1. That's great , I'm working on a "independence special " for all the weekend plans. Thank you for continuing to read