Thursday, August 8, 2013

No Blues Here!!

Hey Fabs, how was your week? I hope good. On Tuesday I enjoyed some pool time with friends and yesterday I was on the move to find some new looks, plus I really needed to pull some pieces for a new client. Omg! The Summer sales are off the charts!!!! If you are over Summer shopping just take a hundred bucks and buy some fill-ins. You will thank me later!
First, I want to share with you this natural face scrub and mask. I tired it and I loved it. 
All natural 

After work affair!!
My single Fabs, you never get an off day to find love. Remember, Summer is the time to find some one to hibernate with in the Winter. So,no sitting around this Friday night.  Here is a look that will take you from work to play.
FYI: This is not the blues look.

For work, pair blue pencil skirt with blue shirt finishing with blue print shoes. Your black everyday work bag will work with this look. This is colorful and chic! Perfect for work and a nice dinner date after work. Now if, after work calls for drinks with the girls, transition your work wear into this fab number. Just by changing your shirt and bag.
Simple yet, super fun and most importantly it does not look like you got dress at work. Pop on your pink lip gloss and you are ready to go.

Weekend ready!
The weekend weather looks perfect, are your outfits ready? I was thinking metallics. Try wearing your metallics this weekend. You can pair them with whites or you can pair them with brights.

Send me pics of your metallic looks.

" I'm happy because, I'm me"

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  1. Thanks fashion fixer u always have the answer to my fashion question :) !!