Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thinking On My Feet Tuesday!

Hey Fabs, I was so stumped on what to talk about today! I have been so focused on my Fall wardrobe. Can not wait to launch the new Fall looks for you to try. It may seem early, however, you too need to start planning for the cooler days ahead. If you live in a warmer climate, keep in mind that you can transition your look for Fall by changing your colors. Just opt for darker colors. Stay tuned for ideas in the Fall blogs.

Summer in the Fall
Fabs, try wearing your button down denim shirt with denim cut offs. Make it pop with wedges or a cool clutch. This look is super cool without looking over done. Plus it allows you to look like Summer and warm enough for the cooler evenings.

Thinking On My Feet
On Friday night I went to grab pizza and ice cream with my family. Can you say fat Friday?! Anyway, I pulled out a dress I haven't worn in a year nearly to realize that it was a little too short for my family night out, so do I put something else on? NOT! Instead I paired it with my faded short shorts and coral wedges.
It was the perfect look!

Check out theses great transition wedges I just found. They would look great with ripped jeans rolled up or wear them with a long flowy skirt.
Did I mention that they are super comfy and one is a hundred dollars more than the other (email me and I will tell you where to find them).
Also, I am planning on launching a monthly plus size blog. It will be in addition to my current twice weekly blog. I'm doing my research so I hope you like it. 

Our next date is Thursday

"Highs+Lows=Life. So live it"

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